Reuters learned about the idea of ​​US senators to sharply increase military aid to Kiev

Reuters: US senators are preparing a bill to “drastically” increase military assistance to Ukraine Ten senators are preparing a corresponding bill. They expect the Senate to pass it next week. The Pentagon, meanwhile, said it was preparing to send more military aid to Kiev

A group of senators is working on a bill that would dramatically increase military aid to Ukraine, Reuters reported, citing a source.

The group included five Democrats and five Republicans. Reuters does not specify how much they want to increase shipments of weapons and equipment, but writes that the increase is “substantial.” Congressmen plan to have the bill passed by the Senate next week.

Meanwhile, Defense Department spokesman John Kirby said during a briefing that Washington is preparing to send more military aid to Ukraine.

“We already sent three batches, the next ones are expected»,— said Kirby.

He declined to name what kind of weapons or equipment would be transferred to Kiev. The Pentagon spokesman also did not specify when exactly the new delivery would take place. “We are now looking at ways to speed up future deliveries under the new $200 million aid package because we see Russia continuing to build up its military presence in the west of the country,” Kirby explained.

 Reuters learned about the idea of ​​US senators to dramatically increase military assistance to Kiev

He also stressed that the US and Ukrainian authorities are in constant contact on supply issues.

Over the past week The United States sent three batches of military aid to Ukraine: on January 22, 23 and 25. The total weight of the weapons and equipment sent was about 300 tons, Kirby said. Among other things, the shipments contained about 90 tons of lethal weapons, ammunition, and defense equipment.

CNN announced the approval of a new $200 million military aid package for Ukraine in early January. According to the TV channel, this was done secretly at the end of December. It was not specified what kind of weapons it would include.

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