Rewind – Too Late Lyrics

[Intro: Tiffany SKy]
Left me here alone (here alone)
Got me all confused (all confused)
Didn’t know what to do
Heart Broken too
Why did you leave?
My world so cold
Did you even care?
You just left me here

[Hook: Tiffany Sky & Rewind]
You left me, you left me with a broken heart
You left me, I couldn’t make my broken heart
Cause I loved you and we were miles apart
All I wanted for us was to have a new start

I’m sorry I know I made a mistake
Forgive me baby for walking away
I’m here now I hope it ain’t too late (too late too late too late)

[Verse 1: Tiffany Sky]
And I was your wifey, conversations with your friends
All of them were about me, than you flipped changed the script
Forgot all about me, first love baby boy
How could I forget you?
The same one that stole my heart and dragged it behind you
I cried cause you broke my heart and cried when you left too
Started when we were younger you were my boo
But what do you do when the one you love is lost?


[Verse 2: Rewind]
I know I was gone for a while (a while)
But God dam how I’m missing those smiles
All those memories that we had now I want it back
(there’s no more Rewind in my life)
Baby hold the picture, we don’t need a frame
Right across my heart got your name engraved

I only came back cause I’m a man of my words
(it’s too late you already been replaced)
Excuses, excuses all the abuses
How I got a heart but don’t know how to use it
I killed you, Why am I living?
How am I chilling? Why are you dealing?
You the queen of hearts but your new man’s a joker
This love is a war no I ain’t your soldier
Admiral’s coming, he’s already closer
Rkane I know I gotta let ’em go but she’s the only one I hold


[Verse 3: Rewind & Tiffany Sky)
I messed up I beg you for forgiveness

Look I heard it all before
Don’t wanna hear it again
Left the love of your life for a chick you call a friend

If feelings still remain
Don’t mean to complain bout the pain
Love is a drug and you are my cocaine

Your love was the fluid in the syringe
I injected it in my heart and hoped it last forever
Guess I was wrong my forever was a never
Never, where, we, ever-meant-to-be, together

We ate together, we fought together
Everything we did, we did together
In the hot summer or the cold winter
We were always cuddling no matter the weather
Always thought it was gon last forever
But can we spend the rest of our lives together?