Ricky Hil – Suffer Lyrics

Yeah, yeah, na na na (Limosa Nostra)
Ekhem, Ricky Hil (Oh, my suffer)
Na na na na na na
Case B1zzie hoe

My girl said I hope you don’t die
I know you ’bout to make a move so I hope you don’t try
Six feet in a hole that I lie
You know a ho gonna lie
A slut tell the truth
I leave my whole heart in my guts in the booth
I must tell the truth, I know how to lose
I’m a f*ckin loser
I drop outta school, and, I’m a substance abuser
I don’t wanna go back to how I was
The people that I lost say they hate the way I was
Girl, I’m sorry that I missed all your calls
I’m sorry that I really don’t care at all
I smoke on this earth cause they say it takes the pain
I’m always try to change but I kinda stay the same

I wrote down my name so you know that I was here
I hide all my pain and I hold back my tears

I don’t wanna see you suffer
I’d rather suffer
Mind flatters
Behind shutters
In my darkest hour I’m staring down the rifle
I’m trying to find a verse in a bible
The hunger and the thirst for survival
I wonder if that left me suicidal

[Verse 2]
I bleed out till I pass out
I had a whole pound, about a half (?)
(?) But when they start coming down, they (?) down
I run all day
I run from my fears
I don’t want to be here, I wanna dissapear
I’m insecure, around on my piers
I cry out tears, I hope no one hears
I don’t wanna go outside I rather bleed indoors