Rising Storm – Animan Lyrics

A night full of rain and terror – the streets of London town
Groaning with pain – clangs in my ear – an unspeakable yell
The Tavern, it’s source – I am full of remorse – nobody here cares
Dispute of two – this can’t be true
Every order I obey is forced … human nature has a primitive cause
Leave behind the chain…
Everything seems to change
The inner me … drawn forth… a heedless act
The vision narrow…like a bull in a crimson cloak
My Rage is on – there’s no way to run – summon the beast…engage
Without a thought…considerateness… is just what’s missing…
Restrain the beast … tame it to succeed
The knife unsheathed in Fury– the victim on the ground
My savage blow… meets the aggressor unprepared
You bloody mess …You will suffer … it’s your fault

I look up … she is looming over him … laughing
She calls me a fool
Yesterday night, the most gruesome criminal of our town could escape the clutches of London’s justice. She has been hunted down for month
In the process of investigation numerous resources of the city were used
When at last she was compromised by a lone policeman in a local tavern, an unknown stranger took him out violently and without any warning, helping her to escape
The witnesses described the stranger as beastlike, bloodthirsty, unlike a human
How could this be wrong? … I was trying to help…. It felt so good, so true… no thought could equal the feeling of honest rage… Isn’t a man just a beast with a leash?

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