Riz Ahmed – Hasan: Rush Hour 2 Lyrics

Yo Riz, real quick
I just wanna leave a voicemail real quick
I saw your ex down at the mall
Yo, she’s looking rough
Bro, she’s lost the plot man
She’s gone crazy
She’s talking about how she’s taking back control
I was like not by the looks of it
Because I remember
Remember back when you guys first got together
Everybody said this is a bad idea
You’re gonna lose a part of yourself
Then the whole breakup happened

Look at you now man
I would say you ended up on top kinda in a weird way
And this is gonna sound f*cked up
But I’m actually glad
Shit’s not going well for her
I feel like it’s karma, to be a 100% honest with you

Oh one more thing man
You have my copy of Rush Hour 2, that burned DVD that I got from Chinatown
Give me that shit back bro
Chris Tucker is great in that movie

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