Rizzle – Sawagoo Lyrics (feat. D. Chamberz)

[Intro: Rizzle]
Kelloggs, here me out
I just want a shoutout on Twitter, that’s it
Hope y’all listen you Froot Loop dingus bustafooligans!

[Verse 1]
Rizzle Razzle
But you know me as Ranceypants
Don’t get me turnt up
I’m bout to do my dance

Shoutout to my Froot Loops
My hips move, no hoola hoops
My sawag went through the roof
With my pink hat and my Jordan boots

Might cop the coop, the Prius-type, sun roof, that lavish life
I’m up in the club like every night, chocolate chip, I take a bite
Zach Attack, I did it right, round the states, I’m taking flights
Most hated to fan favorite, that shit happened overnight

Hashtag, I’m serious
All these girls are curious
Hetero is my M.O
If you think not you’re delirious

Jocasta Christ, ambiguous
Britney’s tits, you serious?
Amber with Caleb was ludicrous
I mean BMC, nonetheless

Gator shirts is how I like to dress
Fans screaming over the fence, I’m the best
I’m waiting for Big Brother All Stars, hit me up CBS
Rap is my hobby, toothpaste crest, school is my job and I’m a success, someone’s wrong, I ain’t rich, I’m 24 f**k, time to rest

**Feel free to add D. Chamberz’ verse!

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