Roc Marciano – Corniche Lyrics (feat. Action Bronson)

f*ck you got here, nigga?
The bitter dose

[Verse 1: Roc Marciano]

Burgundy sables
Rock Purple Label
Birds in the stable
Shots out the .38
Burn the potato
You know my words
This ain”t that same-old, same-old
My DNA was close to Sambo’s
To stay afloat I bet my favorite rain coat
This made of suede ho
I was made to persuade hoes
These ain’t the days of old
I spray you then hasta luego
What’s a “hassa”?
That’s a pig that’s not flying straight yo
A hole awaits for you in San Diego
Don’t go Plaxico your own fat toe
Aye, you was sayin’? Said you was trained to go
Don’t hang your head low brother, pain is growth
How could I still be getting better?
I’d explain but won’t
I know some haters don’t promote
But some say I’m the G.O.A.T (baaaahhh)
Why try and fix this shit if it ain’t broke?
Sling yayo, kept my neighbor’s woke
I was still focused on ways of making dope
Wrap the brick up like its Mumm-Ra
Plot to fly a knot conspire
Run it by my young guy in a Hyundai
It’s a done job
Choppa dump up at ya bombaclot and what not
f*ck em, we don’t got no love for the other side
Don’t let niggas touch you
Cut you a slice of humble pie
Life’s like a jungle
I got too much hustle to

Shuck and jive like some do
I might become a Jew with dumb loot
The Mac sound like a drum loop
The brussels was colorful like some chunks of fruit
Stop riding dicks
Choose a new muscle group
[?] bust moves
Cocksuckers don’t forget to lick nuts too

[Verse 2: Action Bronson]

They try to kidnap this best selling author like “Misery”
What I do?
Escape the situation like wizardry
Blacked out on your mans
Now they call him Edward Scissorfeet
Pun picked me up
Told em meet me by the river B (it’s right over there)
Two guns just for symmetry
Bitch I had that shit on me
When I was playing Little League
Yeah your boy is first class
I’ve never seen the middle seat
Bitch I’m talking literally
Motherf*ckers ain’t never seen Italy
Dug Jesus out the grave
Found him rocking the chain
My face was on his piece
Ain’t no topping my name
For over twenty years your boy
Been whipping drops in the rain
Butt naked playing Tekken
I’m on top of my game
Double dragons on my head
Two M5 Wagon – blue and red
I hit that shit so good
I can’t even find my bread
I know it’s here somewhere, f*ck it
I guess I’ll find it soon some year
It’s me

[Outro: Fillmore Slim dialogue]

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