Roc Marciano – Major League Lyrics (feat. Knowledge The Pirate)

[Verse 1: Roc Marciano]
Wave of the foot
My flame will aim and cook
Insane until I became a crook
Jumped in the game to make my paper good
You ain't neighborhood
The Wraith came with the angel on the hood
I crush your frame like a ladybug
The top on the Mercedes is cut
This is player's stuff
You can't f*ck with us
You must be on dust
You get hit up around dusk
Elephant tusk paintbrush
Trust the M-1 ain't a paint gun
You shot and then the pain come
Clean your wound out with Jamaican Rum
Makin runs
I'm takin brunch
Blazing blunts with day ones
That made the ?? spray
?and never break the trust?
Send my dog to drop a bag off
My youngin waved the Mac
And knock your hat off
My catalog's Big Mac sauce
You bit the swag
But it's a tad off
The metal's gold on the Cartis
The gum soles under the Stella McCartney's
My thick yellow bitch from Palm Springs
Pour my drink
Before I ?beat?
My palm's got grease
My naked wrist lit up like Christmas Eve
End of the speech
(End of the speech)
MLB, Major League

MLB, Major League

[Verse 2: Knowledge the Pirate]

Thirty-six o's in the kitchen
Standin' on the pitcher's mound in the 9th inning
Blue and white Yankee like Roger Clemens
I got a few Brooklyn Dodgers wit us
Uh, my whole squad is hitters
Word to God, my whole f*ckin squad is hitters
Got some Orioles out in Baltimore, Chicago fitters
And a few Padres out in San Diego
And they say they got a better price on the yayo
And they can get it to us now for 25 a kilo
And aiyo
All we gotta do is pick up the cargo
And they can fly them Blue Jays from here to Toronto
?Then we assist them? with them birds like Manny Machado
And that’s my word, we be like Emilia Pablo (?)
I know a few vets at Shea that play for the Mets
And them boys ain’t takin' no threats
See me out in Philly, blowin' philly holdin' TECs
Flyin' in G5 jets, yes
MLB, Major League
MLB, Major League
I sent some Saint Louis Cardinals
To my Pirates in Pittsburgh (Uh, yeah)
And that’s how you feed your family
Caught some Marlins down in Miami
[Outro: Movie Dialogue]

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