Roger Waters – Broken Bones Lyrics

Broken Bones Lyrics

Sometimes I stare at the night sky
See them stars a billion light years away
And it makes me feel small like a bug on a wall

Who gives a shit anyway?
Who gives a shit anyway?

When World War II was over
Though the slate was never wiped clean
We could have picked off of them broken bones
We could have been free
But we chose to adhere to abundance
We chose the American Dream
And all the mysteries liberty
Now we abandoned them
We abandoned thee
No mysteries liberty
Now we abandon thee

Could have been born in [?]
Or he could have born in Tehran
It don’t much matter wherever you’re born
Little babies no more
They have to be taught to despise us
To bulldoze our homes to the ground
To belief their fight is for liberty
To believe their God will keep them safe and sound
Safe and sound
Safe and sound

We cannot turn back the clock
Cannot go back in time
But we can say “f**k you” [?]
And [?] lies
And [?] lies

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