Royal Hunt – Heart On A Platter Lyrics

Tie me down; never let me go till
The end of my days
Cut me loose – and before you
Know I'll be lost in a maze
Lift me up to a higher ground
Elevate me and don’t
Let me down – 'cause I'd stick
Around right here on my own
My heart’s turning
Slowly to stone

Shake me up, let me feel alive
While I'm sure that you will
Wear me out – guess I would
Survive, sign me up for that thrill

One step forward – it's not so
Much yet I hope you won't take
Two steps back
'Cause I'd lose my touch…
It keeps me awake
So give me a break

My heart's on a platter
So laugh up your sleeve…
It's easy, I know, but you might
Just try to give in, you could try to believe
My heart’s on a platter tonight

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