Royal Hunt – So Right So Wrong Lyrics

On the move, on the run… as it used to be
Is it fear, is it faith that is leading me
Straight ahead, miles away from the misery of wasted years?

Turning down, switching off all my memories
Cutting loose, leaving out friends and enemies
Every word, every face… trying to forget while shifting gears

Can you tell me how, can you tell me why
Anything you say seems to be a lie?
Can you tell me what made you change? So long!
Used to be so right now it feels so wrong

As I’m looking back in anger over this no man’s land, trying hard to understand

Can you tell me how, can you tell me why everything you’ve said seems to be a lie?

Never thought I’d leave the place where I belong…
Used to feel so right but now it feels so wrong

Was it you, was it me? I don’t really care
By the end of the day – is it so unfair
To retreat and forget all the promises you made? I know

“If you do, if you don’t” – as I heard them say
“You’ll be damned”. Only I did it anyway
Packing up, getting out… really sorry but I had to go

You can break my heart, you can break my soul
You can even say that it’s all my fault
Go ahead, I see you’re on a roll… but it felt so right

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