Russia announced the preparation by Kyiv of a provocation with “wandering mortars”

According to the Ministry of Defense, Ukrainian troops want to strike from the private sector on the border regions of Russia, call back fire on residential buildings where civilians are being held, and disseminate this information to the world media

Russia announced that Kyiv was preparing a provocation with

Kyiv plans to organize a new provocation in the city of Seredina-Buda in the Sumy region in northeastern Ukraine and shell the border areas of Russia with “roaming mortars”, according to a statement by the Interdepartmental Coordination Headquarters for Humanitarian Response, which was published in Telegram Russian Ministry of Defense.

“The militants of the nationalist battalions are planning to fire at the border territory of the Russian Federation from areas of private households in order to call back fire on residential buildings with local residents held in them,” — said in document.

After that, the Ukrainian side is going to accuse the Russian military of delivering “indiscriminate strikes against civilians”; and distribute this information to Ukrainian and Western media, the department added.

The Ministry of Defense reiterated that the Russian troops “strictly comply with all norms of international humanitarian law.” and do not hit civilians.

In early May, the agency reported that the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) were preparing a provocation using the Tochka-U tactical missile system. Ukrainian troops planned to strike at civilians in the settlements of the Lviv and Volyn regions on the Day of Remembrance and Reconciliation— May 8, they said in the ministry. Then the Ministry of Defense also said that Kyiv wanted to accuse Russia of delivering indiscriminate missile strikes.

Russia has been conducting a military special operation in Ukraine since February 24. President Vladimir Putin called its goals “denazification”; and “demilitarization” Ukraine, as well as the protection of the civilian population of Donbass from “genocide”. At the end of April, the Ministry of Defense announced the start of the second phase of the special operation and announced that at this stage the Russian military would have to take control of the Donbass and southern Ukraine.

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