Saint Goose – Big Kahuna Burger Lyrics

Zeke, shut the f*ck up!

[Verse 1: Lil Phlegm]
Mia Wallace stole my wallet
She od like Demi, yuh
Meet you in yo complex
You gon get hit with a semi, yuh
Stab you with adrenaline
Countin up these Benjamins
You boys actin feminine
You drank the wrong medicine
Kanye West is the Glitch
Does he look like a bitch
Imma pull up with a dual beretta and kill a snitch
Oh my god man I just shot Marvin in the face, ouu
Me and Nesley clean it up, yeah, we don’t leave a trace, ouu
Prank caller! Prank caller!
I got hella dollars and my bank taller! Bank taller!
And I got my money longer
What happened to my Honda? (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!)
Yeah yo head look lasagna while I’m countin’ commas
Ay, take a whip, hop out the Porsche
Ay, they look like a couple a’ dorks
Ay, yuh, Hey, it’s Fred! (Huh?)
Baby, Zed is Dead (Huh?)
Would you give a man a barbeque foot massage?
Yeah, I’d rather pull up with my entourage

[Verse 2 – Lil Nesley]
I’m getting paid, runnin’ from the cops you better renegade
Renegade, sippin’ on some sprite, but it’s tasting like some minute maid
I feel like a white girl ’cause I’m gonna slay
Gonna slay, no dagger, shoot you with my ak
Jj Abrams, you get cut with a lightsaber
Isn’t it ironic that I’m choking on a lifesaver?
Pull up to your complex, yeah I’m saying, “see ya later”
Broken down, tow mater, Mia Wallace, womb raider!
Marcellus Wallace? Threat is old
Lookin’ sick? Common cold
Y’all be reppin’ on a corner
I be reppin’ case of gold
Told you like how it was told
Call me derpy, you’ll get trolled
Y’all be reppin’ on a corner
I be reppin’ case of gold
They tell me “Lil Nesley, buddy boy, English, do you f*cking speak it?”
Estoy hablando español, English do you f*cking need it?
Shootin’ up your gang
Playing with my thang
Shoot you in the thang
I just lost my brain (Ahh!)

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