Sam Stan – Jingle Bells Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Thinking about that, can change the world, thinking about that
Started with a dream and I’m still on that
If I ever left I would come right back
Looked to the skies and the skies turned grey
Everybody’s just fading away, I’m still looking for a place to escape
My heroes do not wear capes, that’s me, yeah that’s just me
Little old me by a little old tree
Mom still worried about the squad I keep, my pops still worry about where I be
Take me back to like Christmas Eve by the Christmas Tree
That’s me, Cliff and niece
Man, that’s like ’03 best memories with my family

I got real dreams and I chase those
And it’s all good (It’s all good)
I got real doubts and I hate those

But it’s all love

[Phone Dialing]

[Verse 2]
Yeah I wanna grow up but I wanna stay young
Go to the show everybody shows up
Then I come back home everybody show love
Yeah, everybody trying to be like everybody
Said it once but I gotta say it twice
Living my life like I’m rolling that dice
And I’m growing up so I gotta live right and I mean that
I’m trying to be the next best out, best believe that
Go ahead tweet that, read that, everybody asking where I be at
Know that I be back, promise, I keep that

And I got dreams, gave them up to God
Gotta have the faith of a little boy
That’s the only that I’m gonna survive

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