Sam Stan – Road Trips Lyrics (feat. Swade)

[Prod. By Anthony Cruz]

Uh, yeah
What up?
I imagine there would be like a hook here
I’m juts kinda going with what I feel
This could be a disaster, we’ll see how it goes

[Verse 1: Swade]
Shoutout to my women who be darker than Wesley
We know the blacker the berry the sweeter the Nestlé
Y’all can stick to the checkers while I’m moving my chess piece
And if you got a issue let’s address it directly
Now here we go, only 24 but I be feeling like an OG like I’ve been killing it since ’03
Listen closely, there is no sleep for the grindin’
Baby girl, you beautiful, did you need a reminder?
Excuse me, back to this loose leaf, I hope this not confusing
Just on my Bruce Lee, wanna kick it with ya
I’m your protest to your pain, let me picket with ya
Sorry you’ve been dealing with these lames, let me clear the picture
This is a clear depiction of heart on my sleeves
Some youngins took it as a weakness when they saw I could bleed
Confusing weakness and kindness, meekness for blindness
Know they couldn’t test me but they steady on assignment
Ha, but how you feel, how you feel?
When I’m in your city maybe we can grab a meal
I ain’t talking nothing crazy, baby, we can split the bill

I don’t really pack a two but I’m hoping we could build, keep it chill
Only thing that I pressure is these beats and these rap dudes
No, don’t call me Swade, call me Matthew
I ask you, keep it real and watch it unfold ’cause in a minute I’ll be back on the road

I’ve been chilling’ on these road trips

[Verse 2: Sam Stan]
Liar, pants on fire, I’m burning bridges, taking pictures, think I’m getting higher
Hired, I ain’t got no job but I’ve been on these flyers
Life is like a battlefield ’cause we all fighters
Fighting, and you can catch me in my city ridin’
Was in the backseat but now I’m in the front driving’
And there ain’t no such thing as the perfect timing
I had a vision, baby, we was on a private island, maybe vibin’, I don’t know
I know I’m not smooth but I’m trynna get better
Trynna be a King, even Martin had Coretta
Why you lookin’ down for? Girl, keep your head up
Now I’m on the road as I’m typing you this letter (Baby please!)
I don’t got much to say, I just give up to God, all I can do is pray
You got a second to think, got no time to waste
‘Cause in a minute I’ll be back on my way
I be chillin’ on these road trips

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