Secret Band – Get You Some Lyrics

Hide my head inside of any book
I fear the place I probably shouldn’t look
Asserting in the filth it will be found

Bang your head
Is it annoying saying what you said again
Were effortlessly feeling numb
I could probably get you some

So tired of trying to get it
So tired that I don’t even care

Feel wired but I can’t even get up
Ill annihilate my career

Time tickin’ I axe the day
Sleep in secret
Block the rays

Time tickin’ I ask the day
What do I do to get me out the way?

You’re just another number
Its bounces off like rubber
Mother f*cker hey yeah hey yeah

Being rude might mean you’re evil
There’s a weasel in my pee hole
Feeble pee hole

They rippin’ jobs apart
Face look like abstract art
Down the aisle we can file
Into the shredder
Its getting worse and better
At the same time plug me in the mainline

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