Shamana – Roxas Lyrics

Only smoking gas cause it helps me
Wish it made me smile like a Chelsea
Maybe love will make me healthy
Koopa couped up with the roof up and the shell green
Tile floors and a cold breeze
Just to hear your vocal chords is a morphine
I’m just driving down my old street
Pray to god but he ignores me
Feel the sand upon my feet
Water on me every corner of the sea
Vechain on me, won’t you hold me from deceit
I feel so lonely when you’re laying next to me
DK on me never donkey with the beam
You will never catch me flaunting with the piece
Really made it happen, really off the beats
Started flying and they try to clip your wings
Y’all really bought a white owl
With your girl I might slide out
Mike Tyson it’s a fight out
So much ice I might white out
No Roxas, but I’m heartless
Never had many enemies cause they aren’t shit
Put a halo on his head like a spartan
Smoking gas everyday got me lethargic
First try Owen Wilson
Think this shit is mind but it’s all built in
But I don’t understand the rules of the system
All I know is push, push like a piston
She only like me for my LinkedIn
She only like me for like 10 of my songs
She complain bout her boyfriend
Sorry I won’t be your boyfriend

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