Shooting Star – Heartache lyrics

You’d think that when you leave someone, you can just move on

Close up the past, but you can’t

All the times, we had
All the smiles, we shared
All the secrets, we kept
And now the heartache… The heartache…

You pass the road that owns the place, we used to go
…To tip our drinks, and toast our love

So much love, we had
So many dreams, we shared.
So many times, I wanted to stay
And now the heartache…

Jokes that were shared, in the warmth of the night
…The best time of my life
Never stopping at the time, to take time and waste it
…On pitying our heartaches

One finds themself in the lonely world
No place to call home
No one to call…. No one to call a close friend

You look back, and wish you were there
You look back, and want to touch again
You look back, but move on
You carry on, you just move on
And you wish you could just forget
…But there’s still that pounding in your chest

A heartache.

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