Sicx – The Unholy Lyrics

[Intro: Sicx]
Make it bounce nigga (3x)
Negro make it bounce
Way too Live
(They say
You say his name
Five times into the mirror
Hit the lights out
And he will come)

[First Verse: Sicx]
Take a look at what the cat drug in
Shits about to get messy
But the bitch caught me sleep
And put blood in my spaghetti
Now I gots the backyard
Full of act hard
Bodies missing parts
Feast it full of hearts [?]
Jacking off in the dark
O.E. full of nut
Squeeze once away from spillage [?]
No escape
Tape the news
And what could have been clues
Hang babies with my black rag
Took the ouija bag
Coming out the closet
With my brain on acid
Twist your body backwards
Like a swamp full of raptures [?]
Stay away
Fold the mattress
Add some voo to his practice
12 motherf*cking monkeys in my VCR
PCP’d in my car
High risk for high stress
Ill be the first one at your funeral
In the back row
My finger under your mamas black dress
And a good size fish hook
Take the eggs out
Heat the grease up
Season it until the shit cooks

[Hook: Sicx / Rachel(vocals)]
If you gotta believe
In somethin’
Why not believe in me?
Niggas dont know
Whats on my mind (2x)
If you gotta believe
In somethin’
Why not believe in me?
Niggas dont know
Whats on my mind (2x)

[Second Verse: Sicx]
At which angle do you want your guts hanging out
Top notch
Checkin’ for tight skills [?]
Got you praying for your life
Murder on my mind
Every time I hit the night
Hate the fact I’m breathing
But the siccmade niggas keep the switchblade
Bitch made, motherf*ckers like you
What you Kool-aid with no sugar
High powered cowards want to do

Cause as the funk gets thicker
My dick gets bigger
Nigga dump until he die
And swim a swamp to be a killer
But I’m on that Never go back
f*ck your mom with a dog dick
And nut hard
Looney, lock, and shermed out, and retard
Hold your fire
There’s gasoline fumes in the yard
Night rivals got me heated
Like De Niro on a mission
Going baby nut fishing
Knee deep in the pond
What you niggas throwing up
You want funk
Take it there
Then be honest
Like why the hell they want to f*ck with me
Its like they want to see
Some Stephen King shit for free


[Third Verse: Sicx]
Took him a bath in hot grease (what?)
Somethin’ fried [?]
The day he tried to f*ck me
That’s the day he died
Tied him up, butt naked
Slide him up
Six razors on a wet day
Stuck, gone off the bloody spaghetti
They all say
I swallow one too many
Hit the city
Fifty-one fifty
Really gone off the 08 pretty
I’m a loner
Tight ropin’ on a barb wire
Hold ya fire
Hose him down with lighter fluid
Im a killa, for hire
Call your neighborhood physician
Get the make up out the kitchen
Bend the spoon
Fill up his tongue
Braid his guts and leave him numb
Bleed him, f*ck him
With a quick one
Back up ya mamas p*ssy
With a hanger
Fit to handle ya
No sense at all
Against the law
Hit the wall
Cut sharp, delicatessen
Cut him in sections
Depressin’ so I came so tight
Sick muthaf*ckin made for life(x3)
Niggas don’t know whats on my mind

If you gotta believe in somethin’
(Niggas dont know whats on my mind)
Niggas gotta believe in me
Niggas dont know whats on my mind (2x)

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