Sincerely Collins – Prosper Season Lyrics (feat. Disashi Of Gym Class Heroes)

[Part I:]
Catch of vibe or a virus
Real nigga never mob what a novice
You can see it in my eyes I’m a tyrant
Kill them all then I smile from the silence
Cannibal in the kitchen
Not of this world the animal intervention
I’m the heroine in your system
The drugs got you drowsy now you’re losing your vision, this prosper season

Tomorrow never comes until it’s too late (prosper season)
Tomorrow never comes until it’s too late

[Part II:]
In a league full of warriors
We part of the elite so the fleas never worry us
Flow increases chances of flood
This shit got your bitch rain dancing in the club
Now here comes the illuminati talk

Like really how many mollies did Miley pop
Tomorrow might never come so
Today I’m letting my gun go


Back to the future in my DeLorean
Trying not to think about the war we in
Niggas pray for me to record again
Bitches pray for me to escort em in
This my season to prosper
No trap just bees in my casa
Melt tracks like cheese in my pasta
No wack emcees on my roster prosper

You’re not holding out on me anymore times three
We’re going to war
Now let the rain rain down
Tomorrow never comes until it’s too late
Tomorrow never comes until it’s too late

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