Smoothe Da Hustler – Only Human Lyrics (feat. Kovon)

[Intro: Smoothe Da Hustler]

Nobody understand


I’m only human
I’m only human (My everyday lifestyle)
I’m only human (As a struggle)
I’m only human
I’m only human (As a life thing)
I’m only human
I’m only human (See, everything is misunderstood)
I’m only human.(less ?)

[Verse 1: Smoothe Da Hustler]

Peep the steelo if you don’t know me
Slowly, you’ll begin a holy accountable for criminal acts when i hustle
Brothers be on a cops snitching stuff get the tussle
I’m strictly on a Glock spittin’ stuff
And for new jacks
Talkin’ about bustin’ cats in their new raps
What’s perhaps convinced by smooth?
True that, true that
I dismiss fools like Mr. Menace
I make the Illmatic with baking soda
Been ringin’ bell never seen with ?
The struggle
The keep the family from warning
The fast money
The keep man, my people’s floatin’
Sign the deal, get it to jail clothes
Me no selling none of ya ? hotel melt rows
The rap is my place, i sell o’s
My everyday routine counting green
Rock will be the sin, ruckus be the team
From public school got the feedback
I stay cool like G Rap
?scorning? fools, no tunes snatch ya b-pack


[Verse 2: Smoothe Da Hustler]

My little hustle turned into big ones
Little money turned into big funs
Boxcutters turned into big guns
My avenue stay clouded with playas and hustlas from ’82
To 88 plus my lady crew
Drop me kid
Used to dress sloppy kid

Car from poppy in east new york now they clock me kid
Versace kid
Copy the gear when they watch me kid
Hook with the yard now i’m ? the winner like Rocky kid
Push stressed side cause money may be violent
Mom sayin’ i’m blessed with a talent
And i should thank God but i don’t want my mother thinkin’ i’m a punk
So when she go to sleep i get up my bed and pray silent
My mother way is good so i copy her
Me and my clique is so tight we kiss chicks just like the Mafia
I’m over top of ya
And in the industry
When they mention me
I mention ruckus cause i’m real


[Verse 3: Smoothe Da Hustler]

Once in a while i do the Mac-up
For those to act up
I back-up
Cause ’96 i’m running rap maps
And for jealous fellas there’s no help form
The only reason i made medicicine square
For steppin’ trough my garden cause i felt form
The reason how i give it
Even if my everyday lifestyle ain’t nothing but a hustle why i’mma live it?
I drop jewels and stop crews from steppin’ up
You got beef, then throw your weapon up
I ease and squeeze at ya mellin
No time for yellin’ for sellin’
I became a second time fellin’
The street like ? and custom to make me see my mistakes
No more bells, no more jails
And takes a lot to admit your wrong doing
Representin’ thus what i’m on doing
Speaking the truth’s what my song’s doing
The ill reason, the real reason
The ready aim cocked is still reason