Songer – From Us To You Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I got a couple things I got to do to get my head straight
I’ve got to wear my friends name and rep it to my death day
Should be telling stories at your wedding or your birthday
Nothing is the same now, no ordinary Thursday
Heard the news on Tuesday, nearly made me burst veins
My heart was pounding like its tryna come in first place
Please don’t ever try and tell me I should move on
This should’ve never f**king happened in the first place
Heart don’t feel the same, got a different shape now
We just did an asset, shut the f**king place down
Buss a couple shapes for my brother and I spat a couple lyrics, it was gas but it made me wanna break down
See I got the wordplay, know that was your favourite
Love is the in the air, Luke I’m praying that you taste it
Know that you can hear us and you’re never on your own G
Kills me more than ever just to think you might be lonely
I just wanna safe man and ask him what the motive is
Sink a couple stella’s, kick a ball and then I’ll roll a spliff
I love you like a brother, I’m just praying that you noticed it
Always in my heart, but now the dickhead’s gone a broken it
Probably cause he’s ginger, got that fire in my chest
Blessed and I’m smiling, but anxious and depressed
I got Lucy tryna comfort me, labels tryna come for me, screaming up to heaven tryna keep my brother company
That’s what my brother done to me
Now he’s gone, it’s up to me
I ain’t shagging next to Serbia, but swear I’m f**king Hungary
Nothing short of blood to me, time to shut your eyes and let the thunder speak
Lucky causes you love to sleep, lucky like the number three
I know that was your number fam
This is for the mandem and everyone who understands
Everything we do is for men or amar
And if gods real, he’s got a venomous heart
More than colour patterns when I close eyes
I don’t need no code signs or enemies, cause I don’t care for both sides
Stealing people’s road signs, smoking till we’re both high and drinking till we both fight
I feel you in my soul G
Trust me I can feel your energy
Telling people stories what you’re like when I turn 70
Smile on your face, Getting wavy off the Hennessy
Tryna stay composed like every time you take a penalty

The thing about Luke Freeman is a spirit that big can never fade
He died young so that your soul could never grow old
You’re young at heart forever
The funniest person in the world and we can never let that human slip away from us, and I mean that

[Verse 2]
I’m tryna keep it light, but I’m struggling
Different kinda pain, I’m tryna stomach it
Crying like a baby, bet he’s loving it
Calling me a pussy, having fun with it
Sipping coca cola with some rum in it
This is for my team because my team have got me too
Why I love him with my chest
And you don’t know how much we’ve been through
Freeman on our back, he ain’t living so we need to
Make him live forever, cause I promise that’s what he’d do
He probably doesn’t realise that little shit he did for me
From driving me to Blackbox to driving me to Italy
I can hear your laugh G
First one to the party
Probably stuck in Bournemouth, cause the dickhead lost his car keys
To all my people, know that we’re all in this together
Doesn’t matter if its raining, we can still enjoy the weather
We can still enjoy the weather
This is Freeman’s world forever

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