Spookey Ruben – Overhills Lyrics

From your nose to your toes
And overhills
Exploring landmarks:
Lips, chin, neck, shoulders, elbow
Fingers curve round hipbones down the valley

From your home to the store
And overworried by the sore spots
In people’s thoughts
By the mistakes that you would make whenever
You had your mind on the money

From the brain to the hand
(And in between)
Comes the truth:
A lonely man begins to paint
The picture of a broken building

From Brazil to Japan
(The hurricane)
And earthquakes too
Without a warning sign
What came was now or never
Can’t we employ the boy with the X-ray glasses?

It’s true for most of us…
Candles on birthday cakes
And its true for most of us…
You look like your mommy and daddy
It’s hard for some of us…
Kissing in public places
It’s true for most of us…
What..you…did after school

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