Stevie Crooks – Walah Lyrics (feat. Erin Darcel)

[Intro: Stevie Crooks]
Cashmere Killer… ’96in’… Let’s go!
Yeah. Well okay… Well alright, well okay
Yeah. NY, CA
Peep game real quick

[Verse 1: Stevie Crooks]
This for my live niggas
For my pretty women who drink and get high with us, toast to the Gods
May you prosper with yo’ paper
May yo success kill them off and you finally put a stop them haters
I take shots for my shorty
Cause when I make it, we both gon’ be naked on a beach, palm trees and Bacardi
A young villain’s story starts when everybody is sleep
Plannin’ power moves while I body this beat
Might even Versace my feet, tall nigga wanna look rich too
Funny what keepin’ it gully can get you
So remarkable… By the homies, soon we’ll be rollin’
In a Lambo that look like a bunny rabbit when them doors open
Cash, dough… Wanna spin (spend) like a ballerina
Been a long road, reminiscing days I was high with Stina
Days I only had a couple sneakers
Now cause of loops, I’m pullin’ strings like I’m Cousin Skeeter

[Hook: Erin Darcel]

This is what you call magic, oh yeah abracadabra! (3x)
This is what you call magic, this is what you call magic

[Verse 2: Stevie Crooks]
You better respect this, nigga
What you doin’ for the world? f*ck yo’ necklace nigga
What you doin’ for that girl you just had sex with, nigga?
How you a man, but you ran when she got pregnant, nigga?
This’ more than high level rap, it’s honesty and honestly
I’m through with bein’ quiet, y’all really ain’t hot to me
I suggest you sleep in the fire, shoot yourself in the mouth
Cause that’s the only way anything from you hot comin’ out
You better drink Jalepeño juice, you little pansy
You ain’t a boss, don’t belong on the surface like acne
It’s the young apache, I’m tomahawkin’ the block
You can’t stand where I stand, you’ll get yo Mocassins chopped, defeated
In every aspect, space and form, you couldn’t hold my pen, it might break yo arm
This is legendary scribin’, legendary rhymin’, magic mutha’ f*cka’
Every line is surprisin’

[Hook: Erin Darcel]


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