Svavar Knutur – Tiger And Bear Lyrics

Don’t need no money to buy for
Don’t need a country do die for
Don’t need a lover to lie for
Don’t need no reasons to cry for

Don’t need a life
Filled with anguish, hate and strife
Don’t need a cue don’t need a clue
All I really need is you

Don’t need a big car to choke in
Don’t need a cigar for smokin’
Don’t need a bottle to drown in
Don’t need no reasons for frowning

Don’t need a glove
To keep my hands away from love
No reasons new for feeling blue
All I really need is you

Just need a good friend to talk to
A destination to walk to
Soft sunny mornings for striding
While birds on windgusts are gliding

Just need a song
And my world can sing along
River blue and worries few
All I really need is you

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