Sybyr – D.E. Lyrics (feat. Landfill)

Yo, yo-yo‚ E (Uh)

Used to hit ‘em with the nonsensical
Years ago when they were doing the whole lyrical miracle
Looking at my old rhymes‚ horror-core‚ pivotal
Grew a lot older, now the cult base critical
Had to take a couple steps back and see the view a little
Not too much though, it's queasy in the middle
Rhyming in some riddles‚ add a sour skittle at the end of it
Fourteen years old, I thought it was the end of it
This camp teacher really f*cking told me that shit
Every Saturday since eleven, feeling grim as shit
Riding by the graveyards‚ hella ominous
It was a Christian camp too, come to think of it

Moving on, I'm not a Shakespeare
Wordplay, oldhead warning, it is not here
Chose a f*ckin’ beat to lay this on, and it volunteered
"Smartass alert", haters yellin' that was in my head
Same haters bitching 'bout the current when it's easier
Make ya own tunes, put ‘em out, but no one ever dares
Clicking press play on ya shit, you spamming everywhere
Same haters sharing what the meme's spewing over there, huh?

That don't make sense to me
Shit don't make sense to me (Shit)
Uh, this is not gonna be on the shit
I just decided to randomly do some shit

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