Ten Foot Pole – Don’t Be A Dick Lyrics

As a kid I liked the Beatles and then Styx and ELO
Roller skated backwards to disco, ass kicked cuz my school book said Devo
I learned of crosstown rivals when a car of massive jocks
Asked what school I attended, and then pelted me with rocks I poured sugar in their gas tank
The proud Mustang got so sick
That day WE learned a lesson…
Don’t be a dick!

Studied history and religion in the schools where I was punched
My funny hair deeply offended, a delinquent fought me for my lunch
And all the books and bibles, social theory and explanation can be summed up in a minute:
Aggression triggers escalation
No one likes to be assaulted
Getting poked with a burning stick
Unless you got permission…

Don’t be a dick!

You can call it your special golden rule, or common consideration
You can call it manners or etiquette or make a scientific explanation
But it all boils down to kindness, or at least not being a meanie
And if you don’t understand that you might be a giant weenie!
Don’t be a dick!

From the alleys of Barcelona to the New York City gutters
From the Tokyo elevators to London bikes ridden by nutters
I’ve rocked with millions of diverse people, big to small and fancy to plain
Under skin and clothes and hardware more or less we’re all the same
Please forgive me for this lecture, but 50 years taught me this trick
If you want to make life better…