Terrance Escobar – No Politics Lyrics

I am not a politician, I don’t do the politics
So if he get political, we hit him with a choppa’ stick
Leave his body critical
Paint him like a muralist
Rest In Peace to Paul Walker
Pull up Fast and Furious
Niggas speaking down on my name
But I’m not hearing it
Niggas say they got real good aim
But I’m not fearing it
What the f*ck you mean I done changed?
You getting teary bitch?
Diamonds on my teeth and my chain, A chandelier and shit

Nigga, I stood down in the rain
All I know is pain
I can’t let this shit go down in vain
Nah, no I can’t
Gassed up ‘93, nigga burning out the tank
You niggas going broke I take the load up to the bank
I am T.T.G
What’s the hold up? What’s the wait?

Yeah You flipped a couple G’s
So now you claim you holding weight
I been counting every day this week
I’m capping up to date
Got off my ass and on my feet
Yeah, the boss way

Stroke her for an hour
Then I meet her in the shower
You niggas really p*ssy
Pink, no courage only cowards
Didn’t go to college
I’m no scholar like my father
Used to ride the Marta
Catch a bus I’m talking, charter
Pressure bust pipes
I kept it tight when shit was harder
I’m off the bench, dunking on you niggas, Vince Carter
Remember we was broke as f*ck? Just trying to make a dollar
Now I’m having lions, tigers, snakes up on my collar

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