The air defense colonel assessed the consequences for the West of the transfer of the C-400 to Belarus

How to ensure a no-fly zone over Poland and Ukraine

To participate in the joint Russian-Belarusian military exercises “Allied Resolve-2022”, S -400. According to military analysts, if the S-400 launchers are installed in the west of Belarus, they will, if necessary, provide a no-fly zone over almost all of Poland.

Photo: Vitaly V. Kuzmin

When the S-400 is deployed in the south of Belarus, in which case the main part of the sky over Ukraine becomes a no-fly zone.

Is this true, and why should we this is necessary – “MK” was told by the ex-head of the anti-aircraft missile forces of the Special Forces Command (air defense district of Moscow), reserve colonel Sergey Khatylev.

– The deployment of the S-400 in Belarus, – the expert believes, – can just be attributed to those military-technical measures that our president spoke about as retaliatory measures in case we do not get consent to our proposals from the West.

Some understand by such measures the entry of our troops into Ukraine – and they say, our infantry will move along its roads, and Russian tanks will move across the fields. Nothing like that will happen. We don't need to move anyone. Right now, with the transfer of the S-400 to Belarus, we are just observing one of the options for answering the question: what kind of retaliatory measures will this be? The same can be attributed to the Iskander complexes, which are designed to strike at ground targets. If they were deployed in the Kaliningrad region, then a significant part of Europe is in the zone of their defeat.

Colonel Khatylev explained that if the S-400s are indeed deployed in the west of Belarus or on its southern borders, then it will turn out that the locators of this complex will be able to see all air targets at a distance of up to 600 kilometers. That is, in fact, to view almost the entire airspace over neighboring countries. Shooting in this case with 40N6 missiles in the homing mode will be possible at targets at a distance of about 400 km. Why do you not have one of the options for a military-technical response to NATO's approach to our borders?

Moreover, the expert notes, the S-400 alone is never installed. Together with them, the Pantsir complexes are usually placed, which are used as a means of direct protection and defense of the S-400. “Shells” work at low and ultra-low altitudes. The alignment is something like this: to protect one S-300 or S-300 division, you need about four “Shells”, which also have their own command post. So, if the S-400s are transferred to the exercises, Khatylev believes, then “together with them there will still be healthy how many of our equipment will be!”.

– Why, in fact, do Americans and Europeans raise such a cry? – says the expert. – By installing our S-400 systems directly at the borders of Europe, we deprive their AWACS-type reconnaissance aircraft of the opportunity to fly up and view Russian territory. At a distance of 600 km from the border, they are already spotted by the locators of our air defense systems, and at a distance of 400 km from the border, they fall into the S-400 kill zone. In fact, we are leveling the technical capabilities of AWACS aircraft for reconnaissance.

Colonel Khatylev reminds us that we should also not forget the capabilities of our electronic warfare (EW) equipment.

– If we cover our group more and electronic warfare equipment – and this is an indispensable condition – the expert says – then in this area a no-fly zone is formed not only for aircraft, but also for all kinds of drones, including the smallest ones. And if we add up the capabilities of electronic warfare, “long-range” S-400s and “Shells”, which will operate at low altitudes and ranges, then we can assume that an almost echeloned air defense system is being created over the border area. At the same time, it turns out that the equipment is in Russia or Belarus, and its affected area is located over Poland, Lithuania or Ukraine. And all this absolutely does not require any additional financial costs for us.


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