The Ministry of Construction did not support the idea to exclude studios from the preferential mortgage program

The Ministry of Construction said that the exclusion of small-sized apartments from subsidized mortgage programs would create barriers to people's way to improve their living conditions. The Accounts Chamber believes that it is not necessary to increase the demand for “uncomfortable” types of housing .jpg” alt=”The Ministry of Construction did not support the idea of ​​excluding studios from the preferential mortgage program” />

The Ministry of Construction does not support the proposal of the Accounts Chamber to exclude studios and one-room apartments from all state-supported mortgage lending programs, according to the agency's website.

“Adjustments to the preferential mortgage program regarding the introduction of any restrictions on the purchase of small-sized housing are not currently being considered. The Ministry of Construction of Russia does not support such initiatives, — said in the message.

As noted in the department, preferential mortgage programs are aimed at improving the living conditions of Russians. And restrictions on the purchase of small housing under these programs can create additional barriers for people, since the purchase of housing of a larger area will require paying a large amount of down payment and monthly payment, the Ministry of Construction explained.

It added that the preferential mortgage program will continue work without changes in terms of the parameters of the purchased housing.

Thus, the Ministry of Construction reacted to the proposal of the Accounts Chamber. Earlier, on July 1, it advocated excluding studios and one-bedroom apartments from all preferential mortgage programs.

Auditor of the Accounts Chamber Natalya Trunova noted that the state should not support the demand for “uncomfortable” types of housing and to increase the supply of “such typologies”. “In most cases, if a family buys a one-room apartment at the expense of a state-supported mortgage, it will no longer be able to improve its living conditions in the future,” — said Trunova.

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According to her, changing the rules for granting preferential mortgages can affect the structure of supply in the housing market and improve the comfort of living conditions for citizens. At the same time, the auditor called the mortgage programs themselves with state support necessary, but noted that the principle of comfortable living must be observed at the same time— “a separate room for each family member.”

The government launched a program of preferential mortgages for new buildings as an anti-crisis measure during the coronavirus pandemic. At first, the Russians could take out a mortgage at 6.5% per annum.

In February of this year, against the backdrop of new Western sanctions, the Central Bank raised the key rate to a record 20%, and the preferential mortgage rate rose to 12%. Then, as the Central Bank rate was reduced, the government reduced the rate on preferential mortgages. By July 1, it is 7%.

Family, rural and Far Eastern mortgages also operate in Russia.

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