The Ministry of Culture explained to Ukrainians how to hide from artillery shelling

Each family has been advised to pack their “alarm suitcase” and wait for the siren

In Ukraine, it seems that the informational alarm raised by the Western media about the imminent “Russian attack” has reached a climax. How else to explain the emergence of  manuals in which the population is explained what to do during artillery shelling.

This instruction was issued by the Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security under the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine together with the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Armed Forces. The introductory speech, as expected, refers to the seven-year “Russian aggression”; and the need to resist it with common efforts.

The manual, by the way, was released only in Ukrainian. Apparently, according to the logic that a Russian-speaking resident of Ukraine, if he wants to live, will inevitably learn the “nerid language”. In a word, Russians in «tseevrope» no pity.

Here is what, for example, is advised to Ukrainians in case of artillery shelling with multiple rocket launchers. These are known to everyone from the films about the war “Katyusha” and modern Grads, Tornadoes, Hurricanes.

“A projectile (rocket) can be seen and responded to, a salvo of a rocket launcher is clearly visible,” this section says. – At night it is a bright flash on the horizon, and during the day – smoky trail of a rocket. In case of such a misfortune, the authors of the training manual advise setting up observers, and after their signal there will be a few seconds to hide.

“Shovatysya” recommended in the basement or other recessed room. The place is advised to choose in the corner between the bearing walls. Well, it's better not to leave the shelter for 6-10 minutes after the end of the shelling.

During his presidency, Petro Poroshenko, not afraid of shame, promised the children of Donbass that they would hide in basements, and Ukrainian children – will, without hiding, go to school. Now, it turns out, because of the policy of Poroshenkos and Zelenskys, it is the turn of children all over Ukraine to sit in basements.

Separate head office – recommendations on how to pack a “disturbing suitcase” so as not to forget the main thing: documents, money, phone charger & hellip; Here I recall the Kabul airport during the flight of the Americans from it. Here, it turns out, why the Afghans panicked – they just weren't ready, they didn't pack the “disturbing suitcase” in advance.

There are recommendations in the training manual in case of artillery shelling. During artillery strikes, citizens of Ukraine are advised to cover their ears with their hands and open their mouths. This, de, will save you from shell shock and save you from barotrauma.

But the current Kiev authorities, apparently, did not save themselves from shell shock. How else can one explain their stupid policy, which brought the country to civil confrontation and the threat of military action. It is necessary to be treated.

The well-known publicist Yulia Vityazeva commented on the creation of the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture in the Telegram channel as follows: “In Ukraine, a manual was issued for the population in case of shelling with small arms and artillery and multiple launch rocket systems. And then Zelensky comes out like this and says: “Don’t panic!”. The information is provided under the heading “everything a fool does – everything he does wrong.”

On the Web, users also did not disregard the training manual. They advised the Ukrainians to turn to the residents of Donbass for advice on how to survive under shelling.

A user with the nickname Sergio wrote: “The only thing they wanted in the EU was lace panties….”



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