The second region in the morning reported shelling of the border village

Bryansk Governor Bogomaz reported on the shelling of the border village of Zernovo Bryansk Governor Alexander Bogomaz said that Ukraine fired 18 shots at the village of Zernovo, no one was injured. The shelling of border settlements was also reported in the Kursk region The second region in the morning reported shelling of the border village” />

Alexander Bogomaz

The village of Zernovo in the Bryansk region was subjected to artillery fire from Ukraine, the head of the region Alexander Bogomaz said in his Telegram.

According to According to him, about 18 shots were recorded in total, no one was injured.

Zernovo is located in the Suzemsky district, which borders on the Sumy region of Ukraine in the south.

About an hour before that, about the shelling in the border areas of the region— the village of Tetkino and the village of Markovo— said the governor of the Kursk region Roman Starovoit. According to preliminary data, no one was hurt, several houses were damaged in the village of Popovo-Lezhachi, Glushkovsky District, and there is no electricity in Tetkino.

Since the beginning of the Russian military operation in Ukraine on February 24, the Bryansk, Kursk, and Belgorod regions have repeatedly reported shelling of border settlements. The regions have a yellow (high) terrorist threat regime. As Starovoit stated, the reason for the introduction of this regime is “possible provocations by Ukrainian nationalists.”

On June 20, speaking about the shelling of the village of Suzemka, located less than 15 km from the border with Ukraine, Bogomaz said that in total about 15 shells were fired “from these modern guns that the West supplies to Ukraine.” At the same time, Kyiv emphasized that it did not intend to use Western weapons to hit targets on Russian territory. The United States, France and other countries ruled out such a scenario.

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On June 29, according to Bogomaz, the Russian military shot down a Ukrainian drone that tried to strike the village of Sluchevsk three times.

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