The State Duma proposed to proactively hit the United States with nuclear weapons

Russia has three ways to influence the US. One of them is a nuclear warning strike on a test site in Nevada. You can even use missiles strategically.

This proposal was made on the air of the National Course YouTube channel by State Duma deputy from United Russia Yevgeny Fedorov.

“This is a training ground where the US military is located , there are no civilians there, and if you warn two or three days in advance, then it’s quite a good action to demonstrate the seriousness of intentions, ”the deputy expressed his opinion.

Fedorov noted that Russia can afford such actions and has on they are right.

“A missile that hits Nevada may be a blank, but in principle it could be a nuclear explosion, because the test site is nuclear, it is adapted for explosions,” the politician said.< /p>

He also suggested conducting demonstration flights over cities and “strike” bombs on American biological weapons laboratories. According to the deputy, this will make ordinary Americans feel that the threat of a Russian retaliatory strike against US aggression is not a bluff. When the citizens of the United States understand this, they will put pressure on their politicians.

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