“The trouble is, if the shoemaker starts the oven pies”

Konstantin Zatulin – on the interpretation of his words about citizenship for compatriots

This is not the first time I am convinced of this folk wisdom, reading on different sites a distorted presentation of my words in someone's interpretation. In the program “Smart Guys” on the radio “Moscow Talks” on January 19, I spoke about the need to develop our legislation on citizenship in order to simplify the passportization of our compatriots abroad.

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That we are now fighting for the recognition of the right of our compatriots to repatriate to Russia – and so far, unfortunately, without meeting understanding from the government. But at the next stage, it is necessary to achieve an appropriate amendment of the Law on Citizenship so that our compatriots abroad can, without moving to Russia, on the spot, acquire Russian citizenship without requiring them to renounce their citizenship of their country of residence on our part. 

I said that if we had taken this path earlier, then by now half of the citizens of Ukraine and half of the citizens of Kazakhstan would also be holders of Russian passports at the same time.

What it turned into in the interpretation of the interpreters, I quote: “The right to a Russian passport should be only for those who lived or live in the territory that historically belonged to Russia, the parliamentarian noted.”

Do not confuse the cut with buckwheat, as they say in our village. Everything once belonged to the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union, but I'm not talking about territories, but about compatriots, people of consanguineous origin with us. That is why, as I said, with all due respect, I do not attribute Kyrgyz or Uzbeks to our compatriots for the most part – they have their own homeland, Kyrgyzstan. Uzbekistan. These peoples did not historically live in the territory that makes up the current Russian Federation. They, of course, have the right to receive Russian citizenship on an individual basis, like all other foreigners who have grounds for this. 

But Russians, wherever they live, Ukrainians, Belarusians, as consanguineous with our state-forming people, people, Tatars, Yakuts, Adygs and representatives of other peoples historically living in the Russian Federation, belong to the category of our compatriots, even if by the will of fate they ended up abroad.

Our compatriots abroad, to support whom now, according to the new version of the Constitution, it is the constitutional duty of the Russian state to know that, in accordance with the laws adopted in Russia, they have the right both to obtain Russian citizenship and to move (repatriate) to Russia, if desired or necessary. Talk about people, not about territories.

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