The United States called on Russia to “return to the negotiating table”

US Assistant Secretary of State Nuland hopes Russia will return to security talks

The US hopes that Russia, after receiving a response on security guarantees, will continue negotiations on various platforms with Washington, NATO and the OSCE. This was stated by US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland during a briefing broadcast on YouTube.

“We hope that Moscow will study our proposals and return to the negotiating table”,— she said.

Nuland also said that the answer given to Moscow was the result of long consultations that lasted “tens and dozens of hours”; with Kiev, NATO members and partners in the OSCE.

“As President [US President Joe Biden] said earlier this week, we are united. We agree that we prefer diplomacy. But we are also united in our determination— if Moscow rejects the dialogue, then the costs will come for it quickly and will be severe, — emphasized the US Deputy Secretary of State.

US urged Russia to

The United States on Wednesday handed over a written response to Russia's proposals for security guarantees. Among them, Moscow called the requirement not to expand NATO to the east by including the republics of the former USSR in the alliance and curtailing the military activity of Western countries in Ukraine, these topics have become key for Russia.

The United States in response stated that NATO would adhere to the principle of “open doors” and pointed to the existence of promising themes that could provide security to the parties. Among them— ways to increase transparency and stability, as well as discussing the issue of deploying missiles in Europe.

After receiving the answers, the Foreign Ministry assured that they would study the document. The Federation Council of RBC said that the response of the Russian side will require preparation, which will not be limited to a few days.

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