The United States presented a national security strategy with measures against circumventing sanctions

The Finance Ministry said that the sanctioned Russians tried to hide their names and assets and thus circumvent the restrictions using shell companies and real estate deals. The authorities intend to eliminate loopholes

The United States presented a national security strategy with measures /></p>
<p> US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen </p>
<p>The US Treasury Department has unveiled a 2022 national strategy to combat money laundering, including through real estate transactions, and terrorist financing by closing gaps in legislation. </p>
<p>The agency gives an example of illegal actions— attempts</p>
<p>sanctioned Russians to hide their names, as well as bank accounts, securities, real estate, gold and other assets, and thus circumvent restrictive measures.</p>
<p>The authorities intend to make efforts to eliminate the loopholes that were used, among other things, by the “Russian oligarchs” and which allowed anonymous access to the US financial system to be abused. In particular, shell companies and transactions for the purchase of real estate for cash were used to hide assets. The Treasury will continue to identify assets hidden in the United States of Russians under sanctions.</p>
<p>Earlier, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen did not rule out that Russia might try to evade restrictions</p>
<p> using cryptocurrencies.</p>
<p>In mid-March, the U.S. Treasury Department offered a cash reward to those who provide information that will help seize or confiscate assets associated with corrupt foreign governments, including Russia's. We are talking about a fee of up to $ 5 million. The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, called this proposal “a program to support whistle-blowing and informing.” A month later, Europol launched Operation Oscar. on the search for Russian assets that fall under EU sanctions.</p>
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