Thouxanbanfauni – Dark Red Lyrics

(Wheezy outta here)
Shit dark red (Dark red, dark, dark red, shit dark red)
Hold up, fold up

Go, neck, wrist froze, talkin’ ’bout Eskimo (Cold)
Baby girl you gon’ pull up, top me off, then do it slow (Ooh)
Top me, top me, top me, gimme that sloppy, yeah it poke (Ooh)
Baby girl you got it pokin’ out, I’ll give you that pole (For real)
Nigga be talkin beef in the comments then get smoked (p*ssy)
Buyin’ a pistol off of me, some shit that should’ve been thrown
Thouxanbanfauni gettin them racks, what the f*ck is broke? (f*ck)
Fauni Figueroa, Fauni six Figueroa (Bah)
Fauni Figueroa, Fauni seven Figueroa
Fauni Figueroa (Band, band), Fauni eight Figueroa (Band, band)
Fauni Figueroa (Band, band), Fauni ninе Figueroa (Band, band)
Fauni Figueroa (Band, band), Fauni ten Figuеroa (Band, band)
Fauni Figueroa (Band, band), Fauni ten Figueroa (Band, band)
You better peep the energy, your homeboy’s getting jealous (For real)
You can’t just have one hustle because everyone finessin’
Gotta have an inside man if your mailin’
Talking bout UPS and the FedEx
I don’t think you understand, we gon’ get your credit
These niggas do crazy shit if they don’t get they credit (Bitch)
Okay, tryna f*ck with me the wrong way, get discredited (f*ck ’em)
Niggas take the truth, try to crop shit out and edit (Hell)
Try some bullshit, young Corey he gon’ wreck it (Ooh)
I can’t help it if my soldiers are overprotective (Woah)
We was out gettin’ these bitches loose in the section (Naked)

First time in yo’ city and we got yo’ bitches naked (Naked)
You know the locals mad but who the f*ck they pressin’?
I can’t be like none of you niggas out here p*ssy stressin’
Gotta get that money, get them funds, get that check
Who the f*ck you checkin’ if you ain’t cuttin’ no check
You f*cked me and my bro, aye I ain’t even stressin’
The fact you lied about and tried to hide it, makes you messy (Goofy)
Keep this shit one-thou-ou with young Fauni, f*ck that flexin’ (f*ck it)
Careful who you double textin’, women get possessive (For real)
Time, energy, attention, that’s an investment
Gettin’ mad at me because I’m spendin’ shit on everything I’m passionate about and my craft, an obsession (Ho watch out, bitch watch out)
And you really got the nerve to be mad at messages (The f*ck?)
How the f*ck you got time to be mad over messages? (Hold up, look, bitch what the f*ck?)
You know what really grinds her gears, when I left her ass on read (f*ck)
You know what really grinds my gears, when a convo’ ain’t bout cheddar (Band)
The niggas who talk about havin’ smoke the ones that be quick to dead-it (Bitch)
Baby girl we be scammin’ in yo’ hood, Ed, Edd n Eddy (Guap)
Told that bitch it’s like a celebration, need confetti (Ooh)
If a nigga wanna go to war with us, he need a medic (Bye)
You could lose the battle, but not the war, make ’em regret it
Build-A-Bear Workshop, niggas in your circle soft like Teddy
Don’t talk about licks around me, I’ll beat you to it like let’s get it