Thundercat – The Turn Down Lyrics (feat. Pharrell)

[Verse 1: Thundercat]
As I sit, as I sit
And I stare into the clouds
And watch the world turn
Is this where we belong?
Or is it a step to fill?
Makes me wonder, makes me think
Everything we do is weak
Turn down
Oh ’cause look at the mess we’ve made
Who’s gonna clean it up?
Oh my God, where’s Captain Planet?
Perception, what you see
Compared to reality, so far away
You are so drunk, you miss it all (yay)
Just make sure you have the right Jordans on
Or be left behind to rot and die
Face down in the gutter

[Verse 2: Pharrell]
This is gonna sound like I was just hitting the hash (zone)
They make us think it’s a race war when the war is in class (show ’em)
Teachers come through the speakers, images through the glass (foam)
Subliminal messages influencing the whole clash (Alone)
Black, white, gay, straight human beings all pee and want some ass (chrome)
If you scared of different then you should not take the same path
If all lives matter when we mention black, why do you gasp? (bro)
Behind our blue skies is the sun who’s surrounded by black (tone)
I love the camo but why have more ammo than MASH? (don’t)
Instead of blowing yourself up, take a love pill and laugh (you won’t)
And laugh (ha)

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