Thurz – Perfect Words Lyrics (feat. Kelsey Bulkin)

[Intro: Kelsey Bulkin]
Oh, ooh

[Chorus: Kelsey Bulkin]
The summer is gone
A fantasy of you is all that I’m having
Gold in your ledge, gold in your glass
Like a picture of heaven
Light in the night, light up my day love
Ice the Rozay, I’ll have a case of you

[Verse 1: Thurz]
Sometimes I wish every day was just a summer day
Ocean breeze blowing that forecast away
Freshly squeezed lemons, we made lemonade
In a hammock, two palm trees, providing shade
A playlist of classics on random play
Purged ears from all them radio waves
No dialogue just good vibes and all smiles
Every song playing how I’m feeling right now
Beautiful women around me
One of God’s best creations, so inspiring
No dark clouds to rain on my parade
Let that photosynthesis bring out more ass than legs
Them the type of flowers I like, especially when they spread
Like rose petals, give me flowers now, when I’m dead
It’s gonna be a little too late to smell’em
If you see a [?], this the perfect words to tell’em

[Chorus: Kelsey Bulkin]

[Verse 2: Thurz]
Sometimes I wish I could see the fruit of my labor
Immediately catch some floor seats watching Lakers
Mentality is now ain’t worried about later
Investments in shape and never swept paper
Even on a hot summer day, bend 23 J’s
These nines, we ball, and made our own way
And never f**king with lames, not even foreplay
From Karoake machines pressing record play
Punct-u-ate period, we the shit now
Punct -u-ain’t nada, get a lime, make a date
You can tell me how you feel
I’m a tell you how I feel
In the perfect world, tweetin’ that you will
But have you exposed like ass on hoes
So give me my flowers now, put it right under my nose
Tryna catch a bouquet ready the life I suppose
Any pessimist forget ’em and we see ya frown
These are the perfect words to tell’em

[Chorus: Kelsey Bulkin]

[Bridge: Unknown]
The flowers baby
Oh, the flowers baby

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