Thutmose – Adrenaline Lyrics

I got the stars in the Wraith
Staring at God in the Face
He said he I was born for the Race
I Love how andrelanine taste
Back to back we going stupid
Got no love I ain’t Cupid
Yeah I was born for the race
I love how Adrenalin taste

I’m whipping 90 got a baddie right besides me who down to get rowdy
Thick dark skin tone headstrong so her nickname Maserati
Peep the interior feeling superior n****s inferior
Straight from Nigeria aye I’m a living memorabilia

Born for the Race
I throw ones in their face
I takе one to the face
Thеn we gone without trace
We go back to back
I’m going numb In this place
Ain’t no running back
Fire burning while it rains

Got one hand on the wheeel
I’m obsessed with the thrill
I’m obsessed put my foot on the gas
Duffel bags on the dash, everybody wanna know how it feels