Thy Nemesis – Ravenway Lyrics

I wander through the forest
Eternity awaits
My blood is freezing
A raven is my guide

The time has come
I walk the ravenway
Embrace me with your black wings
And watch me die

The plague will end
My disease is cured
The torture of living
Is removed from me

Raven in the night sky
Show me the right way
I am one with the woods
I’m fading away…

I hope the next door is for me

So I can find serenity
Forgotten pictures come to life
One last time I feel the pain
I wander through my memories
I avoid to go insane

Spread your wings
You mighty raven
Spread it over me
I walk the ravenway
My eyes are closed
But I can see

Falling to the ground
All my grief decays
My dreams are shattered
I walked the ravenway

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