Time to dig trenches: prepared 18 scenarios for Russia's attack on Ukraine

Pre-War News of the Week

The question is whether Russia and the United States will divide Ukraine or not (Europe is assigned the role of a noisy observer here, who will receive exactly the share of the pie that the elders agree on, and Nobody asks Ukraine at all), last week he stopped standing. Will. The only question is when and how. Here, the other day, our ritual services began to offer (for more than 570 thousand) coffins “Patriot”, two-lid, made of precious wood, with the coat of arms of Russia. Productions of Ukraine. Either post-irony, or ideological sabotage.

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No one in the West has any doubts about Russia's “attack” or “invasion” on Ukraine. US Assistant Secretary of State Nuland said that America already has 18 scenarios for how they will act after the invasion. Not one, not two, but eighteen. It turns out that they calculated more than a dozen and a half options for how Russia could “invade”, and for each, it means they came up with an answer. Journalists also fantasize as best they can: here you have an operation “foreign flag”, and a provocation against civilians in Donbass, and a coup d'état … And only Minister Lavrov, taking a deep drag on an American cigarette, sits with a sad face and out of habit thinks: “Morons …” Therefore that, if you carefully look at everything that happened, you can notice with amazement a rollback from the present, grimacing in every way, into the straight past, like the BAM rail. Everything will be just fine.

After all, it was actually an amazing picture for the modern world and today's Russia – for the first time since the time of Khrushchev, our diplomacy called a spade a spade. That is, firstly, it makes sense to talk only with a sovereign state – the United States. This, of course, is a shame to many on our continent, but they themselves are to blame. Secondly, here are our red lines: the post-Soviet space is ours, don't interfere. Thirdly, these are not negotiations or bargaining at all, but an ultimatum: either our conditions are met, or we will continue to act. And since the conditions will obviously not be met, actions will follow.

When diplomats stop speaking their mysterious language, which Aesop would envy, and switch to human, then it's time to dig trenches. Have you seen how, in less than a day, three thousand well-trained paratroopers with light armored vehicles, with real Syrian combat experience, ended up in a foreign country?

And inside the country, everything is ready: the “fifth column”, capable of organizing a flash mob “No to war – give rock and roll”, has practically been cleaned out, society lives with the feeling that every morning it is necessary to push the muzzle of a NATO tank out of the window, otherwise it’s on it pigeons are sitting and shitting on the windowsill, prices are already jumping – it’s no stranger, but they have already lost the habit of traveling around Europe during the pandemic. Why, let's attack…

It's sad to realize that all this might not have happened if in 2014 the local pro-Western elite (not just liberals, but systemic, in power) would not have been frightened ” Russian spring. The West threw them anyway, and now we have to take the rap.

But the good news this week was about the coronavirus – everyone, in general, everyone will get sick with Omicron. There is a suspicion that the increase in infections officially recorded at the end of the week is only those cases when people went to the doctors. Because George Washington University professor, director of the US Global Virological Network Center Konstantin Chumakov (such a Soviet-American virologist), said that the Omicron disease lasts from one to three to five days and is similar to a common acute respiratory disease: “Headache, runny nose, no loss of smell, cough, irritation in the nose. Well, someone can go to the doctor and turn, but in general in Russia they cope with such things themselves: they breathe over potatoes or drink vodka with pepper. And then – of course, herd immunity. The coronavirus will just become seasonal, like the flu. A little earlier, Bill Gates said the same thing (which, of course, is surprising: not everyone is still chipped).

And if you are already sick and reading this article sniffing and coughing into your fist, here's some more news to cheer you up.

In Buryatia, prisoners of IK-7 played hockey with mops. Later, however, the local department of the Federal Penitentiary Service removed the news from the site – apparently, they saw the hidden meaning.

It was decided to equate the illegal collection of alms to petty fraud. The most interesting thing here, but how to prove the legality?

FAS recommended retail chains not to inform citizens about upcoming price increases. This is in the framework of the fight against inflation – so as not to be bought in advance.

The most common male name in Brussels was the name Mohamed (13.5 thousand people), in second place is the name Jean (6 thousand), and in third – Mohammed (4.8 thousand).

In the US, in women's swimming, a transgender finally defeated, who had previously overtaken all women and set records. He lost the swim to another transgender.

But better not get sick. Ukraine should be divided without snot.

The shaman gave a video forecast about the likelihood of war in Ukraine

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