Tokayev decided to “blackmail” Kazakh oligarchs

President of Kazakhstan announced revolutionary changes in the country

President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev announced that a “new economic policy” would be pursued in the republic. The NEP should lead to a reduction in the gap between the rich and the poor, a revision of the training program, an increase in tax collection and a reduction in bureaucratic procedures. Political scientists believe that the president of Kazakhstan may not fulfill his promises, because the confrontation will be strong.

Photo: < p>In his speech to business representatives, the President of Kazakhstan paid great attention to two funds – “People of Kazakhstan” and “Samruk-Kazyna”. The first was created with the direct participation of Tokayev after the January mass protests. The second was formed under Nazarbayev and played a key role in public investment. Tokayev attacked the fund, which was run by Nazarbayev's relatives, with the most serious criticism.

According to Tokayev, if Samruk-Kazyna is not reformed within the next month, the fund will be liquidated. In particular, he is not satisfied with the share of non-competitive purchases, the low quality of purchased goods.

Otherwise, Tokayev refers to his own offspring. He is not satisfied with the fact that the fund “People of Kazakhstan” began to collect daily wages from state employees. The head of state recalled that the largest companies of Kazakhstan should invest their money there (the percentage of taxable income will be later approved by the government). The work of the foundation will be transparent and devoid of bureaucratic delays, and the money raised will go to charitable programs.

“Great changes in the social block have been announced in Kazakhstan. In order to prevent a repetition of the January shocks in the future, it is necessary to stock up on a sufficient amount of funds already now. Legally, this can be done through the “common fund” for large businesses. At the same time, those who refuse to pay will be dispossessed first,” said Chingiz Lepsibaev, head of the Eurasian Expert Council.

Most of all, Tokayev dislikes the way taxes are collected in Kazakhstan now (many evade them), and the fact that the republic’s economic growth only positively affects a small group of people, and not ordinary Kazakhstanis or the state. He is also outraged by the low salaries of fellow citizens: half of the country's population has incomes that do not exceed $1,300 a year. At the same time, 162 people own half of Kazakhstan's wealth. According to the president, income stratification has reached unacceptable levels and played the role of a lit match and a powder keg in the January events.

Accordingly, the president of Kazakhstan wants entrepreneurs to pay more to their employees, and promises to fight the monopolization of capital. In parallel with this, Tokayev announced the suppression of the withdrawal of capital abroad. “The country is small and everyone knows about everyone. It's no secret how 162 people took control of half of Kazakhstan's wealth: corruption, family ties, specific privatizations, and so on. If you wish, it will be quite easy to deal with this.

There is such an anecdote: “Kazakhstani oil is of two types, and we know these types well.” Apparently, back in December 2021, there were people who did not allow the process of dispossession of large businesses to start. Now Tokayev is challenging the unfair system of distribution of income from the national wealth of Kazakhstan,” Lepsibayev said.

In addition, the President of Kazakhstan believes that it is time to change the approach to training personnel. According to Tokayev, the country trains too many managers and too few techies. In this regard, he said that Kazakhstani youth should be sent to study at the best technical universities in Russia.

As Lepsibaev explained to MK, Tokayev will have to spend more than one year to realize all the promises. It is possible that the implementation of this program will be extended for the second presidential term. In the meantime, the head of state is expected to introduce a system of universal declaration in the country. “Now declarations are filled out only by civil servants and members of their families. And it would be interesting to see where, for example, a 16-year-old girl has her own castle. What back-breaking work was all this acquired?”, – the expert emphasized.


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