Tombstone Da Deadman – Ruthless Aggression Lyrics

[Verse 1]
My gravity has more intensity than the black hole at the center of the milky way galaxy
You claiming you’re better is a just a fallacy
Contrived from a mind that is way too much absorbed inside of fantasy
You science illiterates have never considered it
Picture this imagine if I’m type 4
Why would I give a shit about you?
I doubt you are ever allowed to clown; who?
Never me cause what I do astounds crews and confounds dudes
Cause you no nothings be bluffing on the beat routinely
In my opinion it’s rather obscene and unseemly
So I keep other rappers at a distance
Never let their stink on me no matter how they act persistent
You may assert that I am much too aggressive
But on the contrary you’re passive and just not impressive
I hammer nails inside the coffins of you douchebags
So often that I really start to wonder why you f**ks keep talking
I leave palm prints on the face of the illogical
And each slap explodes grounds their egos into particles
It’s hard for you to hold coherent thoughts in manifold
Cause I was told your grade point average was rather laughable
So let me break this down real slow and infiltrate your code
To reconstruct your neurotransmitters and chemicals
To discover why your mental power’s pitiful
I should have known you’ve been exposed to the to the lies of all of those
Who make a profit on pretending they prophets
And carnival clowns who act like they experts on certain topics
I’m known for sidestepping the bullshit
And punishing the pranksters
Leave them scarred like the lash of a bullwhip
While you’ll spit some garbage about your night in the club
Or overcompensate your cowardice pretending to thug
I’ll inject the love of knowledge using surgical gloves
Inside the mind of those that lack it while creating a buzz

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