Tv Girl – Sleeping With The Enemy Lyrics

Don’t go sleeping with the enemy
I know we said we’d be true
I know you’re stranded in the forest if you don’t
Abandoned if you do

So don’t go sleeping with the enemy
If my imagination is getting ahead of me
Then let it be known that I can’t make it alone

So get down and stay perfectly still
Bite down on your cyanide pill
There’s things that you swore you’d never do
But you will with the enemy

Don’t go sleeping with the enemy

Then everybody gets to be a hero
Can ya hear me, are you alive?
Do you know that there’s a war?

Don’t go sleeping with the enemy
Don’t forget that we were comrades till the end
They only wanna make love but this is war
And the good guys always win

So don’t kick while we’re dragging you home
Quietly reciting your loyalty oath
Knife at your throat
Uncomfortably close to the enemy

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