UK bans arms imports from Belarus

Even if Belarusian weapons are sent from another country, they will be subject to British sanctions .jpg” alt=”The UK has banned the import of weapons from Belarus” />

The UK has banned the supply of weapons and related materials from Belarus, according to the website of the country's government.

“Import weapons and related materials <…> prohibited. The ban applies to goods manufactured in Belarus or shipped from it. This means that even if the direct place of shipment of goods was not Belarus, the ban can still be applied, — says the statement.

In addition, UK sanctions also came into force, prohibiting the import of steel and iron products, minerals and potassium carbonate from Belarus. The new restrictive measures against Minsk will target products worth £60 million (more than 4 billion Russian rubles), British authorities have said.

London explained the introduction of new sanctions against Minsk by the fact that the Belarusian authorities “continue to actively promote” conducting a Russian special operation in Ukraine. At the same time, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has repeatedly stressed that the Belarusian military did not and do not participate in hostilities. According to him, Minsk is not going to get involved in the conflict, because “there is no need for this.” In May, Belarus began to check the troops “in case of war”, and at the end of June they held “mobilization exercises” near the borders with Ukraine.

Western sanctions in the Ministry of Economy of Belarus called “economic genocide”. Lukashenka also expressed confidence that Russia and Belarus will be able to cope with the sanctions pressure, and other countries will “learn from them how to overcome” restrictive measures.

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