Until We Die – Countdown To Extinction Lyrics

Enter the kingdom of the undead lords
Too many lives are lost
Below the demons laugh
In hell is where they wait for me
Forever I’ll be caught inside this burning world

The end is inescapable my friend
Let’s find a place where we can rest our souls forever now
My last words I have written in the ashes of our families
This was my only destiny
Soon we will all be burning in the shadow of our fates

Darling forgive me
I never wanted to give in, but now I have no other choice than sacrificing myself for them
I know that I have said I will return, but how am I supposed to walk with broken legs?
My bitter end is near

I was so wrong f*cking come back to me again

I was so wrong f*cking come back to me
Now I walk this burning pathway all by myself with no one by my side

Now everything is crumbling
I live on eternally my only destiny
Nobody here to hear me now
Alone I am, I won’t be found
This nightmare will never be over
Darkness come and take my soul away

I have lost everything I held close
Say goodbye to the things that were with you
I am left alone in this world

“This might be the last time that I’m going to be with you” – these were her words before the plague came over this land
If I had known that she was right this time I could have saved her from the darkness..

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