Untouchable – Bera lyrics

Lyrics Bera – Untouchable

Just as cold as the sun on the .. of the cloud.
Tryna’ keep you, but you won’t stop.
Just as bad as the sun when the clouds are in his way.
Try to make you see me. versuri-lyrics.info
But I’m standing in the dark.
You’re the one I alwasys wanted.
You’ve been loved your whole life but you never’ve been there.
You wake up on the right side of the bed every morning.
You’ve been good your whole life, have you ever been bad?(untouchable)

You’re so untouchable.
Feels like I’m playing with fire, cause I can’t get close to touch you.
And you can tell me that you don’t dream about love, but you lie, you do.
Girl you know you do.
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