US threatens to 'one way or another' stop Nord Stream 2 over Ukraine

Victoria Nuland: If Russia invades Ukraine, Nord Stream 2 will not work The State Department is confident that they will be able to stop Nord Stream 2 if Russia invades Ukraine. Previously, the German Foreign Minister spoke about sanctions against the gas pipeline threatened “one way or another” to stop Nord Stream 2 because of Ukraine” />

The United States will get the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline shut down if Russia attacks Ukraine. This, according to Reuters, was stated by US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland.

“If Russia invades Ukraine, then, one way or another,” Nord Stream 2 ” won't work»,— she said.

She also expressed her hope that Moscow would return to the negotiating table after examining the US response to its security proposals in Europe.

The day before, German Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock, speaking in the Bundestag, said that Berlin was ready to impose sanctions against the Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. in the event of a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine. “In the event of a new aggression, we have a wide range of responses, including responses to Nord Stream 2, — Burbock said.

“Yes, we always want dialogue: whoever talks doesn't shoot,”— assured the head of the Foreign Ministry. However, according to Burbock, Germany and its allies “have made it clear that the resumption of hostilities against Ukraine will have serious consequences for Russia.”

Earlier, the head of the State Department, Anthony Blinken, promised that the United States would take care of Europe's energy supply in the event of Russia's aggressive actions. According to the Secretary of State, the United States will support partners so that they can cope with the “secondary consequences of Russia's destabilizing actions.”

“We are taking steps to ensure that the global energy supply is not disrupted, which is also an important direction [in case] Russia decides to use its natural gas as a weapon, reducing supplies to Europe even more than it has already done,” ; said Blinken.

Russia does not even allow the thought of a war with Ukraine, said Deputy Director of the Information and Press Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Alexei Zaytsev.

The top leadership of Ukraine, including President Volodymyr Zelensky, have repeatedly stated that they do not see threats from Russia. Zelensky has already twice urged Ukrainians not to panic and protect their brains “from nonsense.”

However, the White House did not agree with this assessment. US administration spokeswoman Jen Psaki said that “no one can penetrate the minds of President Putin and the Russian leadership.” “What do we see— various training, including the Russian military at the border, & mdash; she substantiated the point of view of the United States. Psaki added that Moscow continues “aggressive rhetoric”; and is looking for a pretext for aggression.

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