Velvet Acid Christ – Dead Lyrics

twisted up inside, knotted to the core learned to abhor, the twisted faces staring back at me, latching on to me holding on to me, you never let go. rich was the earth, that filled rivers with blood, blood over, in the back of the new vision. put forth by the state copulate, reverberate in this darkened space work to love and love and love death, dead, we are death, over and out, totally burned out. feel the machines implanted in your head, pulling stretching your thoughts. mangled nerves twist and turn. pull out all the wires and push them into your heart restart the core is turned on obliteration will start in 20 seconds you must have faith, your days are dysfunctional restart, program initiated, i saw death you feel pain i kill you, over and over again. to the end. your death, your dead. i see you, i stab you, i love you, i love you. i hate you, i hate you, i crush you, i own you. i destroy you, i clone, i glow, i kill you, i kill you, i kill you, i kill you, i feel you, i feel you, could i care, could i care, could i care, could i care.